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Our partners

Explore our carefully chosen, expert partners – here to provide the best possible support for your wellbeing.

You’re not alone in this journey. We’ve partnered with expert organisations to offer support across money, health and wellbeing, relationships and work. Our dedicated teams will personally assess your needs and work closely with you to ensure you receive the help you need.

Find out how below.

Managing your wellbeing can be tough. We may be able to help by referring you to one of our partners for support:

PAM Wellbeing offers short-term, structured counselling to help with low-level stress, anxiety, depression, and OCD. Give us a call to talk about a referral.

If you just need someone to talk to, or immediate support, PAM’s emotional support line counsellors are also available 24/7. The PAM Assist wellbeing app also provides digital support at your fingertips, with practical advice and a webchat service.

Kooth is an online mental health support community for young people aged 11-18, offering access to a team of expert counsellors and self-help articles.

Find out how to register with Kooth.

Discover if we can refer you for personalised support if you have a disability or mobility challenges.

The OT Practice’s team of occupational therapy specialists helps all ages to remain independent and reduce risks at home, or in the community. They provide assessments and recommendations for safe equipment adaptations including stair lifts, wheelchairs and ramps.

Learn more by downloading our OT Practice factsheet, or give us a call.

Experiencing financial difficulty or having trouble managing your debts? We may be able to refer you for support and advice from our expert partners.

InBest partners with financial firms, welfare advisers and money management apps to help people maximise their income and reduce bills. Find out if you’re eligible for certain benefits with our helpful online benefits calculator.

StepChange Debt Charity offers tailored advice and practical solutions to help with debt.

If you think they could help, give us a call to chat things through.

For relationship support, we may be able to refer you to our expert partner, Relate.

Relate is the UK’s largest provider of relationship counselling and can help you, your partner and your children.

Read more about Relate.

If you need legal support, we may be able to refer you to our specialist partner, Law Express.

Law Express is an independent legal advice phone service providing initial guidance on a wide range of legal matters including debt, employment, family (divorce, separation, children), property, tenancy and landlord issues.

Learn more about Law Express, including how to register for their free and easy-to-use app for legal guidance.

For help finding work, we may be able to refer you to our specialist partner, Renovo.

Renovo provides six months’ free access to Workfriend, an online platform to help manage and support your career.

If you’re currently out of work and need more support, Renovo may also be able to help with coaching and comprehensive e-learning to help get you back on your feet.

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