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Strategy and impact

Here at the Bank Workers Charity, we’re always looking ahead. Year-on-year, our focus remains the same; to support and improve the wellbeing of UK bank workers past and present, and their families. Together, we can create a brighter future.

Our strategy

Discover the five goals that guide everything we do, and explore their measurable objectives that will help drive our ambition for positive, impactful change.

We will continue to provide a range of high-quality services to meet the changing needs of the banking community. We will do this by combining the expert support of our team, with financial support, digital tools and carefully chosen partners.

We will work alongside the community to coproduce our services, and will develop a culture of continuous improvement, optimisation and innovation to ensure we stay relevant and create the best value possible for our resources.

We will see year-on-year growth in the number of clients we support, increasing the difference we make to the lives of the banking community. We will be supporting 5,000 clients a year by 2025, almost twice as many clients as we supported in 2019-2020.

We will increase our direct engagement with the banking community, using segmented communication channels and content that respond to their needs, feel relevant to their lives and enhance their wellbeing. By 2025 we will be in regular communication with 40,000 people across the banking community, helping to respond to their needs and enhance their wellbeing.

We will develop our role as thought leaders in the wellbeing space, using our expertise and knowledge to work directly with banks to improve their wellbeing practices. By the end of the strategy, we will reach 20,000 people each year through our programme of awareness and wellbeing workshops.

We will ensure that equality, diversity and inclusion is a common thread that runs through all our work:

  • We will be a welcoming, inclusive workplace for all
  • The diversity of our community will be represented at every level of our organisation and is able to fully participate in our work
  • Our services will reach our full community and respond to the diversity of needs within it
  • We will visibly represent and celebrate the diversity of our community in our work

We will work with our staff and our community to develop an equality, diversity, and inclusion strategy, clarifying our ambition and setting out a plan to make it happen.

We will ensure that our organisational governance reflects best practice in our sector, and that we have the operating model our organisation and our clients need for the future.

We will develop our organisational approach to ESG (Environment, Social and Governance).

We will strive to be a leader in staff wellbeing, demonstrating our expertise through our actions, and will develop an organisational culture in which everyone is empowered to fully contribute to our success.

We will take an open-ended approach to our reserves because we know that our needs and opportunities will change over time, and the current needs of the banking community must be balanced against those of tomorrow.

We will seek to maximise returns on our investments while taking a balanced approach to risk in order to achieve our charitable goals.

As part of our Environment, Sustainability and Governance strategy we will create a socially responsible investment policy, ensuring that we leverage the full power of our assets to achieve our charitable aims. We will clarify our approach to social investment, and ensure it sits alongside a socially responsible approach to our wider portfolio. We’ll also diversify our income to rely less on our investments and explore new ways for the banking community to support our work.

We will always consider value for money and look to maximise efficiency by making good use of internal and external resources.

I was blown away by how prompt and professional the support I received was. I'd been putting off contacting the Bank Workers Charity as I was unsure what to expect, but I wish I'd contacted them sooner as they've been amazing.

– from our client

Explore last year’s achievements

Last year, we supported more UK bank workers and families than ever before, improving their overall wellbeing through expanded support services across money, health and wellbeing, relationships and work.

Download our 2022-23 annual report and accounts

Download our 2021-22 annual report and accounts

How we supported our clients

  • 292,666 interventions to clients across our online and helpline support, and through financial assistance; up 5% from 2020 – 2021
  • 3,754 client cases led by our dedicated teams; up 33% from 2020 – 2021
  • £885,000 provided in financial grants
  • £2.5m of commitments in our social investment portfolio, aligned with our charitable objectives
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