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Relationship breakup

Going through a breakup can be painful and disruptive. But looking after practical issues, understanding your emotions and managing worries about your future can help you move forwards.

Use this guide to relationship breakup to help you make a plan to get through a breakup or divorce and move on with your life.

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A guide to relationship breakup

We explore the emotions you might be experiencing as well as the practical changes you may be dealing with during or after a breakup.

  • How you might be feeling

    There's rarely a single reason why a relationship ends, but when it does you’re likely to experience a number of intense feelings as you come to terms with your future.

    Splitting with your partner can be like going through a bereavement. It’s likely you’ll experience periods of denial, anger, emptiness, depression and acceptance. And it’s perfectly normal to revisit some of these stages more than once. This is your mind helping you come to terms with the loss of your relationship.

    As well as going through these stages, you may also feel confused, alone, or anxious about the future. But there are practical steps you can take to help you cope with how you’re feeling, get through this difficult time, and begin your new life. 

    Remember: your emotions will recover and you'll begin to see new opportunities and chances to make positive changes for your future.

  • The impact of a relationship breakup

    Even if you and your partner haven’t been happy for a long time, breaking up can still be extremely painful because you haven’t simply separated from someone, the life you two shared has also ended. 

    Being newly single means lots of aspects of your life will change, from your living arrangements to your responsibilities, and your finances to your daily routine. Even how you see yourself might change. And if you have children, breaking up may mean you need to work out how best to parent apart. 

    When you’re going through a divorce or a breakup it’s normal to worry about how you’ll manage by yourself, where you’ll live or whether you’ll find someone else. These disruptions to your life can sometimes seem worse than staying in an unhappy relationship, but you can get through this difficult time and move on with your life.

  • Caring for yourself during a breakup

    The end of a relationship can be incredibly stressful. You’re more likely to experience issues like stress and anxiety, or have problems with your physical health. It’s also not unusual to experience low self-esteem, and it’s likely your ability to concentrate and be productive will suffer too. 

    That’s why it’s important you look after your mind and your body during this time. Learning to look after yourself, and treating yourself with care and respect, is a valuable life lesson and can help you make positive choices as you begin a new phase of your life.

Next steps

Whether your relationship is ending or is over, having a set of practical actions will help you figure out your next steps. Take a look at our suggested action plan.

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