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Why sleep is important

Getting a good night’s sleep is key when it comes to looking after our wellbeing, yet 1 in 4 of us struggle to achieve this. But why is sleep so important, and what steps can we take to improve it?
31 May|11 am
Illustration of a person laying down on a bed, sleeping.

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What will I learn from this session?

  • What sleep is
  • Sleep cycles and the stages of sleep
  • Why we need sleep
  • Common sleep disorders
  • How our sleep needs change during different life stages
  • What happens when we don’t get enough sleep
  • Impact of poor sleep at work
  • How to improve the quantity and quality of your sleep

About the webinar

1 in 4 people in the UK suffer with a sleeping disorder. That’s a shocking statistic but the reality is, many of us suffer in silence, accepting poor quality sleep as a fact of life.

This webinar draws on the latest research in neuroscience to explain what sleep is and why getting the right quality and quantity of it, is so important.

We look at sleep cycles and the different sleep stages, identify different sleep disorders, and look at how our sleep needs change at different stages of our lives. We’ll also share a range of solutions for those who struggle to sleep well.

Illustration depicting a mental health matters.

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