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Support for retired employees

If you're a retiree and have worked for a bank in the UK, you, your partner and dependents may be eligible for our advice, support and in some cases, financial help.

We’re independent of banks and our services are free and confidential.

What can we help with?

  • Bereavement

    We can help you deal with the emotional and practical aspects of losing someone close to you, and we may be able to provide you with financial support for help with funeral expenses.

    We can also work with you to identify any benefits you might be entitled to and support you in making a claim.

    Read Jennifer's story to find out how she was able to get help with covering funeral costs and managing her finances.

  • Caring responsibilities

    We'll help you find out how to access financial, legal and practical support for you and the person you care for. This may include helping you to arrange a carer's assessment, counselling, alternative therapies or respite care.

    Read Gale's story to find out how we were able to support her in accessing benefits while caring for her husband. 

  • Disability, illnesses and health conditions

    We can give you advice on getting the support you need to manage a disability, illness or health condition to help improve your quality of life, independence and financial situation.

    We can also assist with Blue Badge applications; help you to identify aids, adaptations and mobility equipment, and access care packages from your local authority.

  • Financial support/grants

    We may be able to provide you with a one-off grant to help with a wide range of costs, such as general living expenses, disability and mobility aids, or home adaptations.

    We may also be able to help with accessing a Christmas grant  which can be used to cover additional costs, such as increased fuel bills during the festive period – and a Winter fuel grant, to help you pay for heating during the winter. 

    Read Audrey's story to find out how she was able to access financial support during the festive period and beyond.

  • Increasing your income

    We can provide support with budgeting and identify benefits and schemes you may be eligible for, such as Attendance Allowance. We’ll assist you in completing application forms, and can also liaise with other organisations on your behalf.

    Read Susan's story to find out how she was able to maximise her income and maintain her independence with our support.

  • Legal advice

    We can offer you a telephone consultation with legal experts who can advise on areas such as power of attorney and wills and probate.
  • Loneliness and isolation

    We can connect you with local organisations who offer befriending schemes and other activities. We may be able to provide financial support towards specialist equipment to assist you in getting around, or help with transport costs.

    We may be able to provide a financial grant, for help with purchasing a tablet device – which can be used for connecting and keeping in touch with others online.

    Read Pauline's story to find out how we were able to support her with managing loneliness and feelings of isolation.

  • Mental health

    We can offer you support and, in some cases, counselling or other therapies as well as advice about local and national services if you’ve been feeling low or you're worried about your mental wellbeing.

    Read Linda's story to find out how we helped her to manage feelings of worry and anxiety during lockdown.

Resources to help you

  • Guides and action plans

    Our guides and action plans have been designed with you in mind to help you understand more about the subject you’re interested in, and discover simple things you can do to improve your wellbeing. 
  • Tools and apps

    Our collection of tools and apps are designed to help you look after your wellbeing – and through them, you can:

    • Find out how you’re coping with life’s demands, using our Stress Check
    • Find out how quickly you’re able to adapt to changing circumstances and recover from difficult life events, using our Resilience Check
    • See how financially resilient you are, and how you can manage your money now and plan for the future, using our Money Health Check
    • Find out about things you can do to help you manage anxiety, tackle depression, ease stress and improve sleep, using My Possible Self: The Mental Health App

"I couldn't commend enough about the help and compassion that I was extended whilst in bereavement." 

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