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When Shirley's father died her whole world fell apart.

Middle aged woman depicting a bereaved daughter

Shirley's story

I’d always felt lucky to have been adopted by my wonderful parents. But when my mother died, I was just 11, my father became my world.

My father dying at only 63 was a huge shock and I found it impossible to see the point of life without him in it.

The HR team at the bank, where I’d worked for five years, were very kind but I just couldn’t face anyone and work had become unbearable, so I’d had to take three months sick leave.

I knew my father wouldn’t want me to be sad – but nothing seemed to help.

How BWC helped

When Shirley phoned us she broke down in tears and told us that sadness was overwhelming her, that sometimes she didn't even want to get out of bed. She’d tried her GP but he’d said her feelings were normal and would improve in time, which hadn’t helped her at all.

During an initial chat with one of our team Shirley agreed to be referred to Cruse Bereavement Care where she went on to have eight sessions of telephone counselling and support.

As a result Shirley has now found positive ways to keep her father’s memory alive but she can also see a fulfilling life without her father being present. Feeling mentally stronger Shirley has also been able to return to work.

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