Our support services Every year we help thousands of people from the banking community. We're independent of banks, and our services are designed and delivered in partnership with some of the UK's leading charities.

Who we can help

We exist to help bank employees and their families across the UK. In broad terms, if you're a current or former bank employee we'll be able to support you, your partner and your dependants.

What we can help with

Our support services are tailored to your needs. We will find the best way forward by working with you. 

Amongst other things, we can support you in the following areas:

  • debt and money management 
  • relationship concerns 
  • disability and long-term conditions
  • caring responsibilities
  • bereavement
  • mental health
  • legal advice

    Financial support

    In some cases, we may be able to provide financial support, but there are a few things we’re unable to fund.

    These include:

    • personal debt
    • loans 
    • medical fees
    • legal expenses 
    • private school fees
    • situations where statutory funding exists

      Mental health

      Our team aren’t mental health practitioners, therapists or counsellors, but they do have a wide range of experience in supporting people affected by mental health problems.

      The support they could give you includes:

      • access to a course of counselling sessions
      • advice about local and national services or charities 
      • information about support available through your employee assistance programme (EAP)

      What's our phone number?

      0800 0234 834

      When we’re open

      You can call us between 9am and 5pm from Monday to Friday.

      Our approach

      We have a team of support staff – we call them Client Advisors – who assess every request we get for support and advice. 
      Our Client Advisors will listen and work with you to find the best solution to your issue. 
      We operate independently of banks and our services are provided to you in confidence.

      Our Client Advisors

      Our Advisors have worked across a range of subject areas such as welfare benefits, health and social care, disability advice and back-to-work support. They have extensive experience of supporting working-age people, families and retirees.

      Are you eligible for the support we provide through our Client Advisors?

      As a charity we have guidelines as to who we’re able to support.

      If you’re a current or former bank employee, or you’re a dependant of one, it’s likely we’ll be able to support you. For some services and for financial support we need to consider other criteria like length of service and your financial situation.

      We may also ask you for pension or workplace details to confirm your banking connection. 

      We’re independent of banks and we won’t share your personal information with them.