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Understanding and managing burnout

Burnout is defined as resulting from workplace stress that hasn’t been successfully managed, and can have severe consequences.

Burnout has become a growing problem for employees and businesses and the pandemic hasn’t helped. One study suggested 52% of employees reported feeling burnt-out in May 2021.

Described by the World Health Organisation as a condition “resulting from workplace stress that hasn’t been successfully managed”, burnout has severe consequences, usually resulting in exhaustion and complete disaffection with work. But importantly it is avoidable.

This webinar looks at who burnout affects and how, and identifies some steps we can take to minimise the risk that we become affected by it.

Webinar overview:

  • What is burnout?
  • Burnout symptoms
  • Who is susceptible to burnout?
  • The relationship between pressure and burnout
  • The workplace causes
  • How individuals and employers can minimise the risk of burnout

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