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Back to the office

How to manage anxiety and make a safe return to the office.

In March 2020 we saw a pandemic-driven transformation in workplace culture. Remote working and connecting with colleagues through digital channels became the norm for many people.

Employees and businesses had to act quickly to adapt to this new environment, against the terrifying backdrop of a raging pandemic. Against expectations, employees adjusted very effectively to home working; so much so, that most businesses in the UK saw no dip in productivity.

With the pandemic waning, businesses planned for the return to the office, with a hybrid way of working being the operating model chosen by most organisations.

This webinar explores the relationship between change, uncertainty and anxiety and looks at some strategies we can adopt that will help us deal with any fears we have, to negotiate a safe return.

Webinar overview:

  • The challenges we’ve faced
  • What we’ve learnt
  • What causes anxiety and how does it affect us?
  • Remaining uncertainties
  • Returning to the office – the concerns we have
  • Strategies for managing anxiety about the return
  • Sources of support

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