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Cookie policy

Why we use cookies

Our website uses cookies to help provide you with the best experience we can. This page explains exactly why we use cookies, what information we collect and how to reject or delete those cookies.

Our cookie policy allows us to use cookies to help us make our website work more efficiently for you. Cookies can help you to better navigate our site and perform certain functions such as adding comments, sharing pages on social networks and so on.

Cookies help us to improve the speed and security of the site and enable us to continuously improve your user experience.

We don’t use cookies to collect personally identifiable and sensitive information without your express permission. Where we do collect such information, for example via our contact us forms, we won’t share it with a third party without your express permission.

Please note that if cookies are not enabled on your computer, your user experience will be limited to browsing rather than interacting with our site.

The cookies we use

Cookie preference
  • CookieControl

This cookie is used to remember your cookie preferences across the site.

  • simpleStorage

We use FormAssemby to power our contact us and partner referral forms.

Livechat Inc
  • __lc_cid
  • __lc_cst
  • side_storage_#
  • _livechat_has_visited
  • @@lc_auth_token:9958699
  • __oauth_redirect_detector

These cookies are set by LiveChat and enable you to contact us via online web chat.

Budget planner
  • ApplicationGatewayAffinity
  • ApplicationGatewayAffinityCORS
  • events/1/#
  • jserrors/1/#
  • _session_id
  • MAS.fontspartner

As part of our suite of tools and apps, we provide access to the Government’s Money & Pensions Service backed Money Helper budget planner.

These cookies enable the use of this tool and provide anonymised usage data to the Money Helper.

  • mute
  • flowplayerTestStorage

We use an online video player called Flowplayer to embed our case study and other videos on this website.

  • ads/ga-audiences
  • _ga
  • _ga_#
  • _gid
  • collect
  • _dc_gtm_UA-10875738-4
  • _dc_gtm_UA-4205932-1
  • _gat
  • _ga_1KQ9WEVD2M
  • _hjAbsoluteSessionInProgress
  • _hjFirstSeen
  • _hjIncludedInPageviewSample
  • _hjIncludedInSessionSample
  • _hjRecordingLastActivity
  • _hjSession_#
  • _hjSessionUser_#
  • _hjTLDTest
  • hjViewportId
  • _hjRecordingEnabled
  • __hssrc
  • _hstc
  • hubtspotuk
  • _hssc

These cookies are set by Google Analytics, Hotjar and Hubspot and they tell us how, when and where visitors use our website.

They do not contain personally identifieable information and we use them internally for trend analysis purposes only.

For example, we’re able to find out what the most popular content is and which services are of most interest so we can provide you with more relevant information and support.

  • _fbp
  • fr
  • personalization_id
  • i/adsct

These cookies are set by Facebook and Twitter and measure your actions on our site, allowing us to assess the effectiveness of our digital advertising and serve more relevant ads on third party websites.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer or mobile phone when you browse websites. Some cookies are essential to enable our website to work as expected by you, while others allow us to provide you with a better service (for example, understanding what content and services are most popular so we can develop our support and information to meet your needs).

How to manage cookies via your browser settings

You are able to delete cookies at any time by using the management tools within your browser. Some browsers like Chrome also allow you to run in ‘incognito mode’, which would make you appear to us as an unknown individual.

For more information about cookies, visit About Cookies.

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