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Wellbeing through inclusivity

Employee wellbeing is a key focus for workplaces, but many initiatives leave people feeling left out. When wellbeing strategies are truly inclusive, employee wellbeing rises. So what strategies should workplaces be looking to introduce?
Illustration of a computer screen. Next to the screen to the left is someone sitting in a wheelchair holding a laptop. To the right of the screen, is a woman standing whilst holding a piece of paper.

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What will I learn from this session?

  • What is diversity and inclusion
  • How do diversity, inclusion, and wellbeing intersect
  • Inequalities that directly impact wellbeing at work
  • What does wellbeing with inclusion look like
  • The future of wellbeing

About the webinar

We’re about to make a quantum leap in workplace wellbeing. What used to be considered two separate areas of business, EDI and Wellbeing, are beginning to cross over.

A clarity is emerging – there is no wellbeing without diversity and inclusion. Wellbeing initiatives are designed in principle for everyone but have often failed to address the needs of the whole workforce and be truly inclusive.

With wellbeing strategies starting to include support on issues like fertility, menopause and carers needs, we’re beginning to see the signs of a more nuanced approach.

Workplace wellbeing does not exist separate from inclusion and diversity. It’s the key to taking wellbeing to the next level.

Illustration depicting a mental health matters.

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