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Fertility and pregnancy loss

We talk openly to understand how pregnancy loss impacts individuals, and how to support someone who has experienced loss.
Two people sitting at a table, one of them has a laptop in front of them, the other is pointing at an image of a fetus ultrasound.

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What will I learn from this session?

  • The different paths to having a child
  • Effects of fertility treatment on wellbeing
  • Impact of pregnancy loss
  • Supporting someone you know that has experienced loss
  • Examples of support in the workplace
  • Other sources of support

About the webinar

Approximately 1 in 6 couples are affected by infertility and 1 in 4 pregnancies end in loss during pregnancy or birth.

You only have to start talking about these subjects to realise that many people around you have their own experiences to share. But somehow, these issues still carry a lot of shame, and they remain difficult to talk about.

In this webinar, we talk openly to understand the varied paths to having a child, the effects of fertility treatment on wellbeing and provide some examples of support in the workplace. We also address the different types of pregnancy loss, how it impacts all genders and how to support someone you know that has experienced loss.

This webinar is designed for, and open to, all genders.

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