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Jane's story Jane, recently remarried and enjoying retirement had to change her plans after her husband Peter had a stroke. 

Jane's story

My husband, who was still working, was as fit as a flea, he never seemed to let anything get in his way, so when a stroke left him with long-term disabilities, it came as a real shock. I tried to look after Peter myself, but I needed help, so we used an agency to provide caring support. But the carer was never the same person, often turned up late, and the whole experience was costly, inconvenient and embarrassing for Peter. I went back to caring for Peter full-time but we knew we needed expert advice about our options.

Older couple with arms over shoulder
Jane and Peter

I had no idea a wet room would make such a difference, it's had a positive impact on my daily routine and I'm generally in a better mood now that I'm less reliant on Jane.

How BWC helped 

When Jane got in touch, we talked through her situation, and together we realised that Peter needed some independence back. So we referred them to an external organisation, who, following an assessment, recommended a wet room be built. We contributed to funding the room and Peter is now able to look after himself, giving him back his privacy and independence.

We continued to support Jane as she adjusted to her new role as a carer by arranging and paying for a series of counselling sessions and by linking her up with local support groups. Jane realised that after everything they’d been through, she and Peter needed some time together so we funded a respite break so that they could take time away from caring to enjoy being a couple again.

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