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Benefits and grants

Think you may be entitled to a benefit or grant, but unsure of what they are or how to access them? Use this helpful guide to learn about what financial help is out there, and how to make the most of it.

Understanding benefits and grants

Get to know the basics of benefits and grants so you can find out what you may be entitled to.

Benefits and Tax Credits are government payments based on low incomes or specific needs. There are two types of benefits. Means-tested, which look at income and savings, and non means-tested, which don’t require income and savings checks but have other criteria, like living with a disability.

Grants are payments designed to help those in need. They’re offered by various organisations including commercial businesses, charities, benevolent organisations like us here at the Bank Workers Charity, the Government and not-for-profits.

They can be provided for anything from educational support, to much-needed breaks for carers. Each organisation will have clear eligibility criteria, and while most will provide one-time support, they’ll all be designed to make a significant impact in times of need.

Discover more about our grants in our helpful guide.

Claiming benefits may feel uncomfortable, but a lot of us contribute taxes and National Insurance which directly fund the benefits system that exists to support us. Every year, £15 billion in benefits goes unclaimed, and over a million low-income pensioners miss out on their pension credit. Claiming benefits is crucial for the financial support we need when times get tough. So it’s important to access the benefits we may be entitled to.

The ever-changing benefits system can be overwhelming. Explore the broad categories of support available below, just remember to seek advice first before making a claim as the process can be complex:

  • Family benefits provide assistance if you have dependent children, especially if they have disabilities, if you have a large family, or face high childcare costs
  • Unemployment benefits offer support when you’re out of work
  • Low-income benefits are designed to help if you’re on low income, even if you’re employed
  • Health benefits are available if you’re caring for someone, have an illness or disability, including mental health issues
  • Age-related benefits support young, old, and very old people

It’s natural to still have questions, but try to get all the answers before you make a claim. Explore Citizens Advice or call us for a friendly chat. From application questions to appeals, we can support you through the process.

The Bank Workers Charity supported us in securing Council Tax Reduction and Personal Independence Payment. They also guided us through the applications process, which was a great help and reduced our financial worries

– from our client

Steps to stay ahead

Find out if you’re eligible for a benefit or grant and help boost your income.

Use our helpful benefits calculator to find out what you may be entitled to. Have your recent payslips, bank statements and bills handy, and answer all the questions for the best results.

Read up on specific benefits to check if you may be entitled to anything not covered in the benefits calculator via the Money Advice Service.

Use this helpful search tool from Turn2Us to find out which eligible grants you could be matched with.

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