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Sophia’s story

How Sophia found the guidance and financial support to help care for her partner, Mia

Giving Sophia a helping hand

Sophia is a bank worker who became a carer when her partner, Mia was diagnosed with dementia.

Balancing work and caring took a toll, and Sophia realised she needed help.

Thankfully, a colleague guided her in our direction to talk things through. We helped her apply for certain benefits to ease the financial burden, including Personal Independence Payment and Council Tax Reduction.

The couple received a home assessment to see what support might help them day-to-day. Sophia also received counselling from our partner, Relate, and we funded professional respite care so they could both take a short break from their situation.

Now, with financial support, home adaptations and improved wellbeing, Sophia’s in a much better place to keep caring for Mia.

I’m so much happier now my partner has the support she needs. And the knock-on effect is that I’m less stressed. Before, I thought I had to cope with everything on my own, and now I don’t

- Sophia, our client

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