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Michael’s story

How Michael found support dealing with addiction and illness to get his career and relationships back on track.

The road to recovery and reconnection

Michael is a bank worker living with bipolar and in recovery from alcohol addiction. When his marriage broke down, Michael’s wellbeing took a hit. He began to fall behind on his bills, risked losing his home and couldn’t see his children.

Overwhelmed, he ended up in hospital. He knew he needed help. Guided by a colleague, Michael got in touch so we could explore options together.

We gave Michael advice on prioritising his bills and better money management, plus a grant to help clear some urgent arrears and get back on his feet.

Now, Michael’s sober, back at work and focused on rebuilding his relationship with his family.

The Bank Workers Charity listened patiently, and never once made me feel like I’d done something wrong. I’m now a helper, supporting other people going through what I went through. I feel it’s all starting to come together now, I’ve got everything to go for

– Michael, our client

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