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Jenny’s story

How Jenny found support to protect her and her son’s safety, and start a new life.

Jenny’s fresh start

Jenny is a bank worker who was experiencing domestic abuse. To protect her and her son’s safety, she decided to leave her abusive partner and stay with a friend. She was looking for a new home, but with no savings she didn’t know where to begin.

Thankfully, help was within reach. A colleague gave Jenny our number, and we talked things through to see how we could help.

Jenny received a grant to help secure a new flat, buy basic household items and manage her day-to-day living costs. We also referred her and her son to our expert partner, Relate, for counselling to help manage the impact of their abuse.

Now, Jenny’s created a new life for herself and her son. One that’s calmer, safer and focused on a brighter future together.

Even though I’m still dealing with issues with my ex-partner, the grant from the Bank Workers Charity has meant I’m not worried about keeping a roof over our heads. I just feel we’ve got a future now, we can go forward and move on

– Jenny, our client

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