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Jack’s story

How Jack found help dealing with his depression so he could get back to work.

From depression to determination

Jack worked for a bank for five years before being diagnosed with depression, and eventually signed off on sick leave.

Feeling stressed, alone and unmotivated, Jack realised he needed professional help.

He received counselling through work, but this soon ran out and he still needed support. Luckily, his manager suggested getting in touch with us, which he did.

Jack found help through a course of specialist CBT sessions designed to help manage his depression. Now, he’s learnt coping skills, feels less anxious, and has managed to return to work.

The help the Bank Workers Charity gave me during an incredibly tough part of my life, really did make such a huge difference. I still have days where I don't feel 100%, but counselling has put things into perspective. I feel a lot more in control, both at home and work, and I'm more optimistic about the future

– Jack, our client

Illustration depicting a mental health matters.

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