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Helen’s story

How Helen found help staying on top of her finances, and personalised counselling for her daughter, Lauren.

From financial strain to family strength

After working at a bank for 25 years, Helen took voluntary redundancy to start her own business. But when lockdown hit in 2020, making ends meet became a challenge.

During that time, Helen noticed a change in her daughter, Lauren. The strain of her parents’ separation, the loss of her grandfather, and being apart from her friends were impacting her wellbeing, and their relationship.

Fortunately, help was within reach for them both. Guided by an ex-colleague, Helen gave us a call to explore available support.

What began as an honest conversation, became financial help for Helen’s bills, and counselling sessions for Lauren with our expert partner, Relate.

With Helen’s finances back on track, and Lauren feeling calmer, happier and more confident, their relationship and wellbeing are in a much better place.

The Bank Workers Charity just listened to me, they didn’t make me feel like a bad parent. Lauren is in such a better place, and so am I. If I could say one thing to any other parent in a similar situation, it would be to reach out – you’re not alone

– Helen, our client

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