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Daisy’s story

How Daisy’s parents found financial and equipment support for her illness.

Supporting Daisy’s freedom

Damon is a long-term bank worker and father to Daisy, who’s unable to walk and fed entirely intravenously.

Despite her illness, Daisy is a happy and creative person. But daily life can be a challenge. She can’t go to school, and taking care of her dog Max can sometimes affect her wellbeing.

So Damon gave us a call to see if we could help. And we could.

We funded an off-road electric wheelchair, enabling Daisy to enjoy exciting walks with Max. Daisy also received support from an occupational therapist, ensuring she was comfortable in the wheelchair.

By seeking help, Damon improved Daisy’s quality of life through her new-found freedom, independence and confidence. In turn, this also had a positive effect on the whole family’s wellbeing.

The Bank Workers Charity went above and beyond to get the best possible wheelchair for Daisy, and an occupational therapist to make sure she had the right seating arrangement. It’s not just Daisy they’ve helped, they’ve helped us a family as well

– Damon, Daisy’s father

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