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Carl's anxiety had built up over years - he knew he needed help.

Carl's story

I'd worked at a bank for 17 years, and looking back I'd say my anxiety had built up over the past three years.

Over this time I’d increasingly been affected by personal issues at home, never ending change at work and the new pressure of caring for my grandparents.

I got increasingly anxious as my social life  deteriorated and my sleep became increasingly poor. On reflection I think this is part of why I couldn’t maintain a personal relationship.
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I'd been affected by anxiety for years but hadn't realised.

How BWC helped 

Carl contacted us after completing our Stress Check which had helped him realise he wasn't managing his stress which had possibly led to his feelings of anxiety.

Following a discussion with Carl we were able to provide him with an assessment through our partner Anxiety UK. Following this Carl was provided with six sessions of counselling and access to a range of resources to help him manage his stress.

Carl continues to access the stress management resources to keep on top of his stress, and now feels more able to cope with change at work and home.


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