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We exist to support the health and wellbeing of the banking community.

At an organisational level, we offer a range of tailored services and products to help banks remain at the forefront of good practice in employee wellbeing.

Products we provide

  • Line manager mental health training

    In partnership with mental health charity, Mind, we’ve developed a training programme for line managers to help reduce the stigma around mental health at work and to reduce its impact on business performance.

    After completing five short online modules, managers will be equipped with the tools they need to manage mental health problems in their team. They’ll know how to sensitively and appropriately respond to mental health issues that arise, how to manage associated issues like workplace adjustments and performance management, and how to look after their own mental health at work.

    The training comprises five modules – offering information, tools, and resources in a range of formats to produce a dynamic learning experience. Each module is designed to be interactive and can be worked through at the users’ own pace. The modules include:

    • Introduction to mental health
    • Mental health and you
    • Promoting wellbeing within your team
    • Supporting employees with a mental health problem
    • Performance and mental health
  • Thrive: Mental Wellbeing app

    The Thrive: Mental Wellbeing app is designed to detect, prevent and manage common mental health conditions, using clinically proven techniques like CBT and mindfulness.

    The app can provide anonymised data on prevalent stressors among your users, allowing you to fine-tune your wellbeing approach. It can also be customised to direct users to other wellbeing services, such as your Employee Assistance Programme.

  • Pre-retirement support

    Our pre-retirement support service is designed to help your employees have an enjoyable, fulfilling retirement, and understand their finances sufficiently to make the necessary decisions to support their desired lifestyle.

    The e-learning programme includes content and interactive exercises that can be completed at your employee’s own pace. And if they have a partner, they’ll be prompted to complete exercises either together, or separately, so they can compare results and discuss any differences of opinion.

    As a result of completing the course, they will have the basis for deciding when to retire, have identified key elements of their retirement plan, and have a framework for developing it further to ensure it meets 5 essentials of retirement:

    • Enjoying retirement
    • Staying physically fit
    • Staying mentally fit
    • Staying financially fit
    • Maintaining or increasing social contacts
Additionally, we are able to provide a number of services detailed below:

Services we provide

  • Developing your wellbeing strategy

    Developing an effective wellbeing strategy is the most appropriate way to embed wellbeing in the culture of your organisation. It’s also a good way to realise the benefits for your employees and the business. But a wellbeing strategy should be designed with the result in mind; some clear goals that will benefit the business and justify the investment in time and resource required to get it off the ground.

    With significant experience of working with banks of all sizes, we’re uniquely positioned to help you develop a wellbeing strategy that meets the needs of your business.

  • Supporting your wellbeing programme

    We can work with you to complement your wellbeing programmes or strategy through our thought leadership and research.

    We offer a series of wellbeing themed webinars, which can be delivered live to your employees followed by Q and As. Subjects include sleep, digital wellbeing, building resilience and positive mental health at work. Webinars can be scheduled to coincide with key dates in your wellbeing calendar, such as National Stress awareness Day or World Mental Health Day.

    Our Wellbeing Pulse blog delivers the latest in thinking, research and techniques across the four pillars of workplace wellbeing: psychological, physical, social and financial.

    Our whitepapers – which explore specific, emerging wellbeing themes in more detail –highlight examples of good practice in supporting banks with developing their own wellbeing strategies. Topical wellbeing themes covered by the whitepapers include financial wellbeing, mindfulness in the workplace and achieving a healthy balance in the use of digital technology.

  • Supporting your employees' wellbeing

    We produce a range of materials to help you support your employees' health and wellbeing. These include videos, infographics and podcasts which provide practical advice on key subjects such as mindfulness, the benefits of good sleep and the importance of financial wellbeing.

    These materials can be placed on your intranet, emailed to colleagues or displayed in your office and are available via our Bank Resource Centre.

  • Training for directors and strategic managers

    Training for directors and strategic managers For a wellbeing strategy to be effective – and for employers and employees to benefit from prioritising wellbeing – it needs to be part of organisational culture.

    We can provide interactive mental health awareness sessions covering:

    • Understanding mental health in the workplace and how it impacts business performance
    • Creating a culture that supports good mental health
    • The role of business leaders in effecting change

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