Trustee report and accounts 2015-2016 Increased interventions | Improved impact

Our strategy

To capitalise on our growing position in the banking community we introduced a new strategy which has allowed us to provide increased and more relevant services to the people we support.  

We were able to refine, broaden and improve the range of preventative and high impact solutions we delivered to current and former bank workers, their families and increasingly to the banks themselves.

We have had a positive year with increased bank and channel engagement resulting in higher numbers of current bank workers being supported. We have also seen an increase in helpline calls, interventions and clients we support through advisor guided services.

Understanding the needs of people connected to the banking sector continues to be at the forefront of how we will develop support in the future. We are a learning organisation and we have continued to develop our research and analysis to progressively improve the support we are able to offer.

Audience insights

  • Stress at work continues to be prevalent amongst banking communities with increased regulatory compliance being cited as a major driver
  • Current bank workers identified BWC as their preferred solution provider for personal concerns, over employee assistance programme (EAP), Unions and other service providers
  • Our pensioner groups identified a need for ‘practical support from people like them’ as an area of great interest
  • All communities, including former bank workers, identified line manager training in the area of mental health as a priority
  • Whilst awareness of BWC had increased there is still evidence of a need to promote the charity across current and former bank worker communities

The numbers

  • We provided 42,518 support interventions
  • Our helpline handled 8,118 calls and supported 1,347 clients with services, in-depth casework and financial grants
  • Our website provided 39,846 self-service support interventions (interactive tools, online guides and webinars)
  • £3.2m was spent providing support, grants and services to our clients