Trustees' report and accounts 2016-2017

Some of our achievements

We were able to help more bank employees, retirees and their families, with a wider range of services, than ever before. While, our helpline team assisted 1,635 people through telephone advice, support services and financial help, a 21% increase as compared with last year, (2016: 1,347), investing £4.1m (2016: £3.1m) in the development and delivery of those services.

  • We provided support to more than 1,000 first-time clients
  • We extended our support services with the addition of new partners - Anxiety UK and Cruse Bereavement Care
  • We continued our development of a new range of bank-specific services, including mental health line manager training and apps to manage stress and anxiety
  • We launched a series of whitepapers, new webinars and presentations on our wellbeing blog, The Wellbeing Pulse

Summary of our activity

  • 48,165 (2016: 42,518) total interventions (online and helpline)
  • 45,055 (2016: 39,846) online interventions via our website
  • 3,110 (2016: 2,672) service interventions were provided for our 1,635 clients
  • 1,054 (2016: 864) people contacted us for the first time
  • 118 (2016: 41) home visits were undertaken providing help and guidance with income maximisation, advice and advocacy.