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Our support services We exist to support the health and wellbeing of current and former bank employees.

Our phone number

0800 0234 834

Our opening hours

9am - 5pm from Monday to Friday

Who we support

In broad terms, if you're a current or former bank employee we'll be able to support you, your partner and your dependants.

    Our approach

    We have a team of support staff – we call them client advisors – who assess every request we get for support and advice. Our advisors will listen and work with you to find the best solution to your issue. 

    Our client advisors

    Our advisors have worked across a range of subject areas such as welfare benefits, health and social care, disability advice and back-to-work support. They have extensive experience of supporting working-age people, families and retirees.

    Are you eligible for the support we provide?

    As a charity we have guidelines as to who we’re able to support. For some services and for financial support we need to consider other criteria like length of service and your financial situation. We may also ask you for pension or workplace details to confirm your banking connection. 

    Our services are confidential, we’re independent of banks and we won’t share your personal information with them. 

    What we can help with

    • Mental health

      Our team aren’t mental health practitioners, therapists or counsellors, but they do have a wide range of experience in supporting people affected by mental health problems.

      The support we could give you includes:

      • access to a course of counselling or other therapies such as CBT 
      • advice about local and national services or charities
      • information about support available through your employee assistance programme (EAP)
      • advice and support for dependent children
    • Caring responsibility

       Information, advice and support across a range of areas including:

      • counselling or alternative therapy
      • legal help for power of attorney applications
      • exploring ways through which to get respite care
      • checking that available benefits and grants are being claimed
      • accessing benefits such as blue badge and welfare assistance
      • help in accessing care assessments
    • Debt and money

      Debt management planning

      • development of personalised action plans to manage problem debt
      • help in setting up Individual Voluntary Arrangements
      • support to set up token payments and negotiate with lenders
      • setting up Debt Relief Orders
      • bankruptcy advice
      • benefit entitlement search
      • equity release and mortgages

      Income maximisation

      • budgeting
      • benefit entitlement
      • completing benefit application forms
      • appealing benefit decisions
      • exploring other grant giving charities
      • statutory grants
    • Financial support

      Subject to application form and assessment, we may be able to provide the following support to current or former bank employees:

      • short term e.g. general living expenses
      • long term e.g. disability aids or home adaptations
      • respite breaks for carer or individual, or both
      • transport costs – to and from hospital or place of treatment
      • funeral expenses

      There are a few things we can't fund including:

      • personal debt
      • loans
      • medical fees
      • legal expenses
      • private school fees
      • situations where statutory funding exists
    • Housing

      Information, advice and support across a range of areas including:

      • housing benefit, discretionary housing payment
      • repossession
      • eviction
      • equity release

      Subject to application form and assessment, we may be able to provide the following:

      • mortgage and rent arrears
      • moving costs
      • household adaptions and mobility aids
    • Disability

      Independent advice, support and guidance in disability related areas such as: benefits, debt, independent living, legal advice, grant and statutory funding, housing, transport, holidays, sport and leisure, health and employment.

      Career transition and job search support.

      Mentoring support providing people with a sounding board and signposting to appropriate services

      Assessments and recommendations to adults, children and their families
      on equipment, adaptations or treatment to maximise independence and minimise risk to clients in their own home or community

      Areas covered include mobility and falls, personal care, self-care skills, access in and out of the home, moving around the home, cooking, household activities and increase in wellbeing via better access to activities.
    • Relationships

      Relationship counselling services for individuals and couples, including family counselling, counselling for children and young people, and sex therapy which could include: 

      • telephone or email counselling
      • face-to-face counselling
      • live chat counselling
      • face-to-face counselling via webcam
      • support for children and young people experiencing relationship problems.

      Advice and guidance on relationship breakdown, legal advice, domestic abuse, safeguarding.

    • Bereavement

      Bereavement support services for children, young people and adults including one-to-one telephone counselling support.