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Supporting Jane, a client living with a mental health condition

How we helped Jane

Jane is a bank employee affected by a severe mental health illness. Living in poor housing conditions and finding it difficult to look after herself, Jane got in touch with us to see how we could help.

One of our Visiting Caseworkers supported her in making a claim for Universal Credit (UC) – which could help with living expenses – and established her eligibility for other benefits. As a result, Jane’s application for UC was successful. She was also awarded a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and secured a council tax reduction; helping her during the recovery period and allowing her to meet housing costs.

Liaising with Jane’s local MP on her behalf, our Visiting Caseworker facilitated the renovation of Jane’s home, which included a replacement front door and a modernised bathroom.   

With our support, Jane was able to increase her income and improve her quality of life.

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