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About BWC Supporting the banking community since 1883

BWC today

Each year we help thousands of current and former bank employees and their families through the provision of information, advice, expert support services and in some cases financial assistance.

People working in banking are facing challenges that have a big impact on their lives, changes in employment arising through the enhanced regulatory environment, the digitisation of banking and the socio-demographic changes we are all seeing.  Alongside our support for current and former bank employees, we are playing our part in managing this change through the provision of a range of wellbeing services designed to support line managers and their teams.

Our broad range of support is built around the needs of the people we are here to support, whether financial, physical, mental or social. Everything we do is designed to meet the needs of current and former bank workers, including our large community of pensioners.

To provide the best services and support for our customers we do a lot of research to ensure what we provide is what is valued.

Our history

The Bank Clerk's Orphanage was setup in 1883 by a group of bankers who set out to support the children of bank clerks who were ill or who had died. By 1963, over 1,000 children were in our care and over 66,000 bank employees were providing us with financial support.

By the 1980s, fewer children needed our help, at the same time another charity; The Bankers Beneficent Society, were seeing high levels of demand but had few financial resources, as a consequence our two charities merged to create The Bankers Benevolent Fund.

By 2011 we initiated a strategy to work in partnership with sector-leading charities allowing us to increase the number of people we supported and the quality of the support we offered. The first organisations to partner with us were Turn2Us, the National Autistic Society and Leonard Cheshire.

To complement this change we re-branded to become the Bank Workers Charity and that is who we are today.

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