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    Benefits & Grants

    Find out more about benefits and grants and gain access to the best Benefits Calculator and grants checker available.

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    Managing Your Debt

    Take control of your finances with debt management advice including the online StepChange Debt Remedy tool, this free, anonymous service will take details of your debts and personal budget, and will then recommend a solution tailored to you.

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    Work Life Balance

    These days it is quite common to find people working in new ways as they try to get a balance between work and their home life and anyone can ask their employer to work flexibly.

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    It is important to look after your mental and physical wellbeing at home and at work. We have carried out research into workplace stress in the financial sector, looking at how factors at home have a potential impact at work.

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    Claire had been with her partner for eight years but recently he had started making personal and derogatory comments about her, Claire had no idea what to do.

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    John's father had recently died unexpectedly. He had also been diagnosed with a serious degenerative disease, which meant he had to stop working.

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    Sara's life changed dramatically when she was told her son, who was just a month old, had Cystic Fibrosis

Our Vision & Mission

We are an ambitious organisation who believe that through research and innovation and by working with some of the UK's leading support organisations we can transform the lives of those we support. We do this through continued research programmes, new partnerships and an increase in the number of clients we are able to support.

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Who We Help

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We help current and former bank workers and their families across the UK by providing information, advice, expert support services and in some cases, financial assistance.

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    Depression Awareness Week

    The Bank Workers Charity is proud to support Depression Awareness Week (#standupagainstdepression) to save lives, and end the loneliness and isolation of depression.

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    Impact 2014 Report

    We continue to help increasing numbers of current, former and retired bank workers each year. Read about our goals and achievements.

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    World Autism Awareness Week

    Bank Workers Charity supports 'World Autism Awareness Week' to raise awareness and funds for autism.

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