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Helping Susan to maximise her income and maintain her independence

Depiction of Susan smiling

How we helped Susan

Susan worked for a bank for 17 years before retiring. In recent years, she’s experienced osteoporosis, back pain, and high blood pressure; making it difficult for her to get in and out of the bath and dress herself.

She got in touch with us and was later contacted by one of our visiting caseworkers, who established her eligibility for Attendance Allowance (AA), which can help to pay for a carer. Susan was surprised to learn of her entitlement to AA – unaware that she qualified for it even though she was not receiving personal care.

The application for AA was successful, with Susan awarded the higher rate for help with her day and night-time needs, through which she became entitled to other benefits. In challenging an erroneous Pension Credit decision on Susan’s behalf, we were able to help her claim extra money through a Severe Disability Premium and gain a significant increase in income.

We also helped her to apply for and obtain a Blue Badge – allowing her to park in disabled parking bays that are closer to where she needs to be.

"It's helping me to do some things I wasn't able to do before. It gives me more freedom."

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