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Support for banks

Each year BWC presents awareness and support sessions to thousands of bank employees in their workplaces.

We also offer strategy development and campaign support. And, through our Bank Resource Centre, you can access an extensive library of resources to use freely as part of your own wellbeing campaigns.

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Awareness sessions

Our free awareness sessions are designed to help colleagues understand the support that’s available from BWC, and why it’s important to seek support at an early stage. Peppered with real life case stories, we bring to life exactly how we can help, and the impact we have on clients who contact us.

Sessions typically take 30 minutes including Q&As, but shortened versions can be arranged, depending on the time available and can be delivered in-person or via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Live webinars

We deliver a wide range of live webinars covering current and emerging wellbeing themes. Lasting around 35 minutes, each webinar incorporates a Q&A session allowing participants to explore issues raised during the presentation in more detail.

We have developed a large menu of different sessions covering all aspects of wellbeing. Examples include: The Importance of Sleep, Financial Wellbeing, and Understanding and Avoiding Burnout.

View our full range of webinars here.

Wellbeing products to support your employees

We’ve partnered with some of the UK’s leading health and wellbeing suppliers to provide a range of support for your employees, from line manager mental health training, to a mental health app to pre-retirement support.

We can develop short training programmes on wellbeing themes that banks wish to prioritise. Recent examples include a one-hour training programme on Understanding Bereavement and a 2.5-hour session on Positive Mental Health at Work. We are open to discussing newly identified wellbeing training needs.

Wellbeing campaign support

BWC delivers over 20 wellbeing campaigns each year, with subjects ranging from caring to children’s mental health to managing debt. For each campaign, we produce a variety of evidence-based content such as emails, infographics or videos.

With our expertise in wellbeing trends, themes and content, we can help you develop and deliver campaigns within your own bank, tailored to themes that are significant issues within your workforce. 

Bank Resource Centre

Each year we produce an extensive array of content from infographics to wellbeing videos and calendars. This content is available for you to access for free from our Bank Resource Centre. Once you’ve registered, you’ll have access to a host of materials you can download, print and share to support your internal campaigns, wellbeing events or day-to-day work.

All resources have been created with guidance from our Head of Wellbeing, an occupational psychologist with a banking background.

Collaboration with banks on one-off wellbeing projects

We can also use our wellbeing expertise to collaborate with banks on bigger projects. Recent examples include helping design mental health programmes for line managers, developing content for an initiative to raise awareness of the importance of financial wellbeing, and creating a template for a wellbeing strategy.

Wellbeing expertise

We can contribute ideas and content at bank wellbeing events, as presenters or expert panelists. 

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