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Helping Pauline to manage loneliness and feelings of isolation

Depiction of Pauline smiling

How we helped Pauline

Pauline lives alone and hadn’t been out of the house for quite some time, following a knee operation. She had family nearby but didn’t want to bother them too much. After a few months had passed, Pauline realised she was feeling lonely and decided to call us to see if we could help. 

We were able to support Pauline  funding a tablet device to help her connect with people. Pauline has found that this relatively small step created opportunities for her to become more sociable. Pauline’s confidence has grown as result – she has since set up a Facebook account with help from her neighbour.  

Using her tablet, Pauline searched online and found a local pensioner club, who she meets with regularly. Pauline also texts her grandchildren and is becoming better acquainted with technology; she’s even showing some of her friends how to use it, too. 

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