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Helping Jennifer to manage funeral costs when she lost her husband unexpectedly

Jennifer smiling and looking ahead

How we helped Jennifer

Jennifer was enjoying retirement with her husband David when things suddenly changed. 

After David passed away, his life insurance company wouldn’t release funds for his funeral until an inquest had been completed. This left Jennifer facing a large and unexpected cost, and a Barclays Welfare Officer contacted us to see what we could do. 

We visited Jennifer and were able to provide her with a grant, for help with covering the funeral costs, and suggested that she apply for the Barclays’ Christmas pensioner grant which she was eligible for. This helped Jennifer to manage her living expenses whilst awaiting the release of funds  easing financial strain. Jennifer’s boiler also needed to be serviced, so we helped her to find a gas engineer and reassured her that we could help to cover the cost of any future repairs.

Jennifer told us we were a light at the end of a tunnel during a very difficult time.

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