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How to be stress free

We all experience mental health differently and the things that can cause problems for one person may not cause problems for you.

A key part of managing your mental health is to identify and then manage those things that are causing you to become stressed, anxious or depressed. Once you have identified those things that cause you to feel too stressed you will be in a better place to be able to manage them.

For many of us the challenge is finding the time, but you only need to spend a few minutes a day to see positive change. Managing your stress is just good preventative maintenance.

Statistic about sleep
Source: ISMA

Confidential stress management

There are lots of ways you can manage stress but using an app can provide access to proven techniques discretely at a time and place that works for you.

Get a free one month trial of our Stress Free app

We have teamed up with the highly experienced consultant psychiatrists and psychologists at Thrive to create our Stress Free app. Our app is designed to help you build resilience, prevent and manage stress and other common mental health conditions. Stress Free regularly attains an 88% recovery rate for people with mild depression and 91% for people with mild anxiety.
Stress Free provides easy to learn, clinically proven techniques that can help you manage your stress:
  • on the go: available when you need it
  • efficiently: 5 -15 minute sessions that can be used to improve your mental health, if you're already stressed or to stop you becoming stressed
  • confidentially: away from stigma or judgement, and accessible in a quiet, private place, in your own time

We can offer you one month free access to our app, most people see results within a matter of weeks.

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