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How to access the Barclays Christmas grant

What is the Barclays Christmas grant?

The Christmas grant is a one-off, tax free payment of £500 (£250 if you live in residential care of a nursing home), which aims to help retired employees of Barclays during the festive period. The amount awarded can be used to cover additional costs, such as increased fuel bills or expenses at Christmas.


Who can apply for the Barclays Christmas grant?

You can apply for the grant if you’re a retired employee of Barclays and are in receipt of the bank’s pension.


Is the Barclays Christmas grant means-tested?

We assess your eligibility for the grant in line with our current grants criteria, where every application is reviewed on its own merits, taking into account household income.

In order to qualify, you should have no more than £16,000 in capital (excluding your home).

Applying for the Barclays Christmas grant

  • I’ve never applied for the grant before, how do I apply?

    You’ll need to complete a short application form and provide evidence of your household income and banking service.

    To request an application form, you can call our free and confidential Helpline on 0800 0234 834 – we’re open Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm (except bank holidays) or you can email us via [email protected]
  • I applied for the grant last year, do I have to complete the form to apply again?

    If you applied last year, we will automatically send you a letter along with a declaration form, asking you to confirm that your circumstances haven’t changed since the previous year. If you declare that your situation remains unchanged, this information will provide enough evidence for us to award you a grant.
  • I applied last year and didn’t get the grant, can I apply again?

    If your application for the grant was declined last year and your circumstances have changed, please email us via [email protected] or call our free and confidential Helpline on 0800 0234 834
  • Can someone apply on my behalf?

    If you’d like someone to apply for the grant on your behalf, you’ll need to provide written consent confirming that you are happy for the person you’ve nominated to do so. This is to protect your personal information and ensure compliance with data protection guidelines.
  • I'm the widow/widower of a former retired employee of Barclays, can I apply for the grant?

    Yes, if you can provide evidence to show that you are in receipt of your late spouse’s bank pension, you can apply for the grant.          
  • I don’t live in the UK can I still apply for the grant?

    If you worked for Barclays in the UK but live abroad, you may be eligible to receive the grant. If eligible, you’ll receive payment in your local currency (subject to exchange rates).  
  • What is the deadline to apply?

    There are two deadline dates to keep in mind: if you’d like to apply for the grant, you’ll need to request an application form before 24 September 2021; and, we’ll need to receive your completed application form and accompanying evidence by 29 October 2021.  
  • If I’m awarded the grant, when will I receive the money?

    If your application for the Barclays Christmas grant is successful, you’ll receive payment directly into your bank account in December 2021.
  • Where can I go for more information?

    If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone for help with applying for the grant, you can call our free and confidential Helpline on 0800 0234 834 – we’re open Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm (except bank holidays). Or, you can email us via [email protected] 

    For information on how you can prepare your home for the winter and identify schemes, grants or funding you may be eligible for, please see our guide.

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