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Supporting Gale and her husband with managing a disability and accessing benefits

Depiction of Gale with her husband

How we helped Gale

Gale works for a bank in London, and is married to Tim, a former bank employee – having completed 60 years’ service between them. When Tim suffered an aneurism, which affected his speech, mobility and ability to carry out everyday activities, Gale got in touch with us to see how we could help.

In speaking with one of our Client Advisers, Gale explained that she was caring for Tim, who was experiencing great difficulty with eating, bathing and walking. Finding it hard to assist him with getting in and out of the car without the risk of injury, Gale felt they were unable to leave their home.

Our Client Adviser supported Gale in applying for a Direct Payment with her local authority and accessing disability benefits, which could help to cover the cost of carers. We were able to provide the couple with a grant – allowing for their bathroom to be converted into a wet room; a lift installed in their home, and a special car seat.

With our support, Gale was able to return to work whilst Tim received specialised care services from a team of carers – helping him during the recovery period.

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