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How to access support during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic This article provides contact details for a list of organisations you can turn to for help and support during the pandemic.

Here are some contact details you may find useful in helping you through the current situation:

  • UK government information

    For up-to-date information on the current situation, as well as guidance on what you can and cannot do during the pandemic, please visit:

  • Understanding the Christmas restrictions

    For the latest information on protective measures and how to follow them over the festive period, visit the GOV.UK website.
  • Money-related guidance

    For information and advice on money matters, you can:

  • Employment

    For information on employment matters, you can:

    • Visit the GOV.UK website for general guidance for employees
    • Click here for information on Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) and how to obtain an isolation note
    • Visit the ACAS website to understand your rights as an employee
    • Visit the GOV.UK website for information on the Access to Work Scheme and how to obtain a disability grant
  • Mental health

    If you’re having a difficult time and would like information and support, you can:

    • Visit Kooth’s website, for children and young adults
    • Visit YoungMinds' website, for children and young people
    • Visit Mind charity’s website or call their Helpline on 0300 123 3393
    • Visit the Every Mind Matters website for help with maintaining your mental wellbeing

    You may also find it useful to have a read through Insight Healthcare’s guide to Looking after your wellbeing during the second lockdown, and Psychology Tools’s guide to Living with worry and anxiety amidst global uncertainty.

  • Physical health

    If you think you have a health condition which makes you particularly vulnerable, please visit the GOV.UK website for guidance.

    For support with recovering from coronavirus, please visit the NHS website.

  • Carers

    For advice and guidance on providing care and support to a vulnerable person, please visit the CarersUK website.
  • Community support

    If you need help with collecting your shopping, medication or other essentials, call the NHS Volunteer Responder Helpline on 0808 196 3646 to register for support.
  • Scams and online safety

    For guidance on recognising and protecting yourself against scams, please visit the Money Advice Service website.

    • Visit the Metropolitan Police website to report the incident
    • Call the COVID Fraud Hotline for free on 0800 5875 030 – available 24/7, 365 days a year – to report fraudulent activity
  • Relationships

    For information on relationship support, please visit Relate’s website.

    If you work or have worked for a bank in the UK and would like to explore Relate’s relationship counselling services – available for individuals, families, children and young people – please call our free Helpline on 0800 0234 834

To see a visual representation of this information, click the download button below for an infographic in PDF format.

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