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2016 Review Supporting the health and wellbeing of the banking community

Graphic showing members of the banking community

How we helped people in 2016

We continued to provide tailored services from complex support needs to information and advice to promote wellbeing at home and at work. With a broader range of services we were able to support more clients with high impact solutions than ever before.

  • 17% increase in grants and support services provided through our charity partners from 2015 
  • 93% of clients would recommend us to a friend or bank colleague
  • 23% increase in clients supported compared to 2015

What's new?


We’re always looking to provide new areas of support to address the changing needs of our community. In 2016 we listened and launched a range of new services.

Following our research we introduced new service partnerships with Anxiety UK, Cruse Bereavement Care, Law Express and Renovos.

Strategy refresh

We completed a number of research activities to help inform our future strategy. This included current and former bank employee focus groups, one-to-one interviews with bank pensioners and current employees, and in-depth surveys with over 1,000 bank employees. Each research project offered us new insight and reinforced previous findings.. 

Workplace wellbeing blog

Following our research, which demonstrated a growing interest in workplace wellbeing, we launched our Wellbeing Pulse blog. This served to establish us as an important thought leader in this field, in turn allowing us to grow a community of interest within the banks

‘I didn’t ever expect a charity within the banking industry; it’s comforting to know you’re looking out for us.’ Vijay, BWC Client

Understanding your needs

We’ have and will continue to develop more primary interventions using online based resources whilst improving our range of secondary and tertiary interventions using our expert partners.


We have initiated the development of more personalised wellbeing services which will be rolled out in early 2017. The services will be delivered via our website which in 2015 delivered over 40,000 interventions.

Line manager mental health training

Developed in partnership with Mind and successfully piloted in four banks, we’ve trained almost 200 line managers who manage more than 600 people. Assessed by the CIPD as having significant potential to improve awareness and understanding of mental wellbeing.

‘BWC literally changed my life - that sounds dramatic but it’s true.’ Gill, BWC Client

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