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At the crossroads

In our white paper, At the crossroads, we explore the relatively new field of digital wellbeing, and present the case for better balance in our relationships with technology. 


Digital technology is ubiquitous, and over a short time it has become embedded in our social fabric.

Whether at home or at work, we’re surrounded by it, but in the last few years we’ve seen research outcomes suggesting that our relationship with digital technology may not be entirely beneficial.

The implications of our digital behaviour are only now becoming apparent, especially with regard to their impact on us physically, psychologically and in terms of our overall wellbeing. The research is catching up, and we're learning more about the health consequences of digital technology.

Our white paper draws on these findings to suggest we may need to be more circumspect about the levels of our digital consumption.

There appears to be a real desire to create higher levels of digital wellbeing at work.

This paper identifies the undeniable benefits that technology confers, but also recognises the growing body of evidence that there may be a technological downside.

We look at at its impact in the workplace and at the steps some companies are taking to ensure that they realise the full benefits of digital technology without it being at the expense of the health and wellbeing of their people or of business performance.

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